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Agricultural Mechanization - A key tool for sustainable food production for national development

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Welcome to ANVL Farmers Depot

ANVL Farmer's Depot is poised to provide all of your agricultural equipment needs & solutions.
ANVL Farmer's Depot have helped many farmers just like you increase their crop production and crop health through science backed and time tested mechanization and equipment procurement. We have spent years learning, teaching, and practicing our craft in order to help bring these services to you and your farm

Agricultural Machinery Sale & Hire

We provide for sale the following Agricultural equipments: Tractors, Power Tillers, Sprayers and many more. We offer for hire services, medium to heavy duty agricultural equipments e.g Earth Movers, Low Bed Trailers, Tractors.

Farmland Preparation & Clearing

Soil preparation is the first step before growing a crop. One of the most important tasks in soil preparation is tilling or ploughing. We assist both big farmers and small holding farmers to get started in the areas of tilling & ploughing

Training on Agriculture Machinery Use & Operation

These services include training and educational programs that farmers can use to improve themselves. During these trainings, farmers get to learn of the best and latest farming techniques

Farm with ease and Passion - Own a Kubota Power Tiller

Take a look at Our highly recommended Kubota Quick Rotary Power Tiller Hand Tractor which offer Strength, Toughness and Stability to go after both dry and wet field with reliable Kubota Engine.

Though & Durable

Body frame is made of high quality cast iron which has proven its strength, durability, stability, minimum vibration and also precision even after reassembled and utilized many times

Comfortable & Stable

Minimum vibration to comfort in operations Friendly operation with pull-able iron rod attached on handle bar More stable to control the operation Ergonomic and easy to operate Movable paddler fine-fits with height requirement Movable Hitch I adjusts your needs Hitch II ā€œLā€ model enhances performance in reaching corners (optional)

Executive & Stylish

Luxurious orange metallic color cover the Quick G 3000 Zeva ā€˜s body Elegant and dynamic stripping sticker Verchroom coating on Handle and Clutch Bar

Heavy Duty Trailing Hydraulic Harrow

Disc harrow is used to till the soil where crops are to be planted.

Features & Benefits

Designed to work easily in tough operating conditions. Can be used for both, surface disc harrowing (superficial ploughing) and intensive deep ploughing. Used in open field working for shattering of clods, preparation of soil for sowing and burial of organic substances and crop residue. Easy to transport on the tires using the hydraulic system. The long lasting and reliable tires and hydraulic mechanism enable the operator to control the cut depth and facilitate in easy transportation.

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ANVL Farmer's Depot Fertilizer Spreader

This product developed and supplied by ANVL Farmer's Depot for spreading fertilizer in the field. It replaces manual labour and has a metering system that ensures uniform distribution reducing cost and time. It is tractor mounted implement which uses a rotating PTO (Power take-off) shaft as an input.

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ANVL Farmer's Depot Products & Services

ANVL Farmer's Depot is a frontrunner tractors and farm equipments manufacturing company based in Nigeria, West-Africa. Since its inception in 1987, ANVL Farmer's Depot has conscientiously and committedly providing high quality products to the farming community. Offering comprehensive agricultural solutions across the region

Farm Tractors (15Hp - 75HP)

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Tractor Implements

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Farmland & Crop Management

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Feel free to talk to us at anytime. Please be patient while waiting for response. General phone call Inquiries: +234 0802 200 4111 , +234 0802 200ANVL

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ANVL Tractor Academy
Agricultural Mechanization
Become a Certified Agric Services Provider (ASP)

Experience and studies have shown that adequate mechanization will help drive our country to a self-sufficiency level in food production. Despite this, most farmers continue using "hoe and cutlass" for many farming operations. Now that our nation has been forced to change its focus back to agriculture for economic growth. ANVL through the ANVL Tractor Acedemy is training farmers and youths the aim of making these people become proficient in the use of mechanized agricultural equipment and become Agricultural Services Providers.

Agricultural Mechanization

In line with the desire of the Nigerian Federal Government to create various avenues for the employment opportunities for youths, ANVL Tractor Academy has proposed a two-fold positive impactation, Youth Employment and Agricultural development As ageing peasant farmers retire from farming activities, they are not being replaced with young and vibrant men and women because of the tedious nature of of farming operations and inadequate mechanization. Hence there is an urgent need to encourage young people to embrace farming through training and equipping so that they can provide mechanised agricultural services to farmersANVL Tractor Academy is training Agricultural Service Providers (ASP). Using mechanized farm equipment, ASPs will provide the following services to farmers at very reasonable rates: Ploughing, Harrowing, Ridging, Spraying and Harvesting.

Justification for the Training

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Qualification Requirements

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Method & Duration of Training

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Course outline & Registration

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ASP Student's Testimonials

Femi Oladoja

ASP set of 2018

Oladeji Haastrop

ASP set of 2019

Stevenson Coker

ASP set of 2020

Sarah Jubril Hassan

ASP set of 2021

ANVL Tractor Academy
Agricultural Mechanization Training
Frequently Asked Questions

Training on agricultural machinery operation is to develop and make skilled power tiller and other agricultural equipment operators available . trainees will be exposed to skill aquisition on tillage and post tillage operations such as seed planting, knapsack and boon spraying etc. development and instilling maintenance culture and record keeping in the trainee through practice involvement.

  • Method and Duration of Training

    The foundation course will take 4 weeks. Theoretical classes will cover 10% of the training period while practical hands-on exercises will cover 90%. The couse is to be implemented through lectures, intensive practical sessions and field practices. Trainees will be tested and certified based on thier theorectical and practical performance. A follow up refresher course will follow after one year of practical farm experience by the graduates of this program.

  • Course outline and details are given below:
    Module 1: Agronomy of some selected crops (This will vary depending on the ecological zone from where trainee hail from)
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  • Fees for the training of each ASP are as follows:
    (1) African Leadership Forum N15,000.00
    (2) ANVL Tractor Academy Application Form N5,000.00
    (3) ANVL Tractor Academy Tuition fees N25,000.00
    (4) Educational Institution Facility Fees N10,000.00
    (5) Educational Institution Accomondation & feeding Fees (To be determined).

  • The Nigerian poor performance in agricultural development is due to the low mechanization rate in agricultural practice. Nigeria's mechnization rate is currently at 0.27HP/hectare compared to the FAO recommendation rate of 1.5HP per hectare. With adequate mechnization, every farmer will be able to achieve more output and greater profitabilty.
    OWN A TRACTOR / POWER TILLER PROGRAM is to promote ownership of mechanized agricultural equipments. It will also create self-employment opportunities for youths who will be trained and engaged as Agric Services Providers (ASP).
    The Tractor /Power Tiller Ownership program will be accomplished through a Lease Purchase arrangement with participating banks. Each applicant for the lease purchase arrangement will be required to satisfy the following conditions:
    (1) Must be able to provide 25% cash-backed guarantee deposit for the equipment.
    (2) Be eligible for NIRSAL 75% guarantee.
    (3) The operator of the equipment must be trained as an ASP and be a member of a cooperative group. (4) The operator must have a collaborative relationship with a crop Association.

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