Quick Zena Rotary Power Tiller

Quick Zena Rotary, a versatile rotary hand tractor/rotary tiller for various field. Reliable agricultural machinery for soil cultivating, rotary processing, ploughing, and ditching. Using 11 HP Kubota diesel engine, Quick Zena Rotary is the best choice to assist you.

Cage wheel feature special support Cage wheel feature a locator Compact and tough gear box gives high endurance Bigger hitch pin allows you to attach various implements Dog Clutch System with 4 large clutchs

Paddler uses specific rubber bush to lengthen durability Main bearing housing attached to gear box keeps oil from leakage Shifting fork is equipped with TC seal to avoid leakage Extension pulley cover leverages v-belt durability and provide anti-slip Tension pulley is easily to adjust v-belt both from inside and outside.

Flash mounting system on main shaft is designedto quicken both seal and bearing replacement and  simultaneously able to change shaft in standing position or fall position. Input bearing housing system is designed to simplify seal, bearing, input shaft, and sprocket replacement. Oil check featured

Minimum vibration to comfort in operations Friendly operation with pull-able iron rod attached on handle bar More stable to control the operation Ergonomic and easy to operate Movable paddler fine-fits with height requirement Movable Hitch I adjusts your needs Hitch II “L” model enhances performance in reaching corners (optional)

Luxurious orange metallic color cover the Quick G 3000 Zeva ‘s body Elegant and dynamic stripping sticker Verchroom coating on Handle and Clutch Bar

11 HP engine to help you finish any job

Body frame is made of high quality cast iron which has proven its strength, durability, stability, minimum vibration and also precision even after reassembled and utilized many times

Strong, stable and powerful to do rotary process, ploughing, and ditching Able to perform both in dry and wet land

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Agricultural services play an important role in helping farmers to make the most of the resources they have. Apart from the physical resources such as land and seeds, farmers need knowledge in order to produce the quality and quantity of produce that meets demand. These services are designed to guide and advise farmers right from the period before planting to the post-harvest period.

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